Appliance Repair Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the service charge?

    A technician will visit your property and carry out a diagnosis of your appliance issue. If you decide to go ahead with the repair the service charge will go towards the cost of the repair.

  • Do you guarantee your repairs?

    Yes, we offer guarantees for repairs related to the initial breakdown. Please speak to a customer service representative for more information on the guarantees we offer.

  • Can I call to book a repair?

    Of course! Call our toll-free number (800) 509-5917 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

  • Can you repair appliances in commercial premises, on boats or in mobile homes?

    We can repair domestic appliances based in commercial premises. We cannot repair commercial appliances or appliances based on boats or in mobile homes.

  • What age appliances can be repaired?

    Most appliances can be repaired with no problem, however appliances with the best chance of repair are generally under 6 years old as parts are normally readily available from manufacturers and suppliers. This is not to say your appliance cannot be repaired if it's over 6 years though as we frequently can.

  • Can you repair gas appliances?

    We have technicians certified to gas safe standards that will attend your home to fix gas appliances.

  • What if you can't repair my appliance?

    In the unlikely event that your appliance can't be repaired due to lack of available parts from the manufacturer or suppliers, or we deem the appliance to be beyond economical repair, the technician will inform you at the point of diagnosis. In this instance no additional payment will be due. Please see our terms and conditions in full here.

  • My appliance needs parts, how long does this normally take?

    We aim to send the technicians with the parts in their vehicle based on the information you give us when booking the repair. If the technician does not have the parts required we aim to get parts within a few working days, however this may well depend on the age and make of the appliance as this affects the availability of parts. If you have any questions please call our service team on (800) 509-5917 to discuss your particular appliance.

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