The Ultimate Laundry Symbol Guide

Simple laundry symbol guide

Symbols you see on your clothes label can sometimes read like an unknown language. All these symbols have a meaning and a method for how you should be cleaning your clothes. From drying, cleaning, bleaching and ironing our laundry symbol guide will guide you along the way making sure you are never in the dark while washing.

Washer symbols explained 

The washtub icon explains exactly how to wash an item, dots help determine what temperature your items need to be washed at and X to not machine wash at all. Our handy washer guide will help you decipher the washer symbol codes.

Additional symbols explained 

Some alternative symbols that may look like nonsense to you include a few dry cleaning symbols and some solvent symbols. This guide will help you understand what each of them means.

Dryer symbols explained 

Laundry symbols won’t tell you just how to wash but will also tell you how to dry your items. The first step is to determine whether your item needs to be tumble dried or just air-dried. Our dryer symbol guide will break this down for you.

Ironing symbols explained

Ironing and steaming have become a part of the everyday routine meaning it's even more important to know what the symbols mean and what you can and can’t do when it comes to ironing. Our simple guide will help break down the symbols for you.

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