Undercounter Freezer FAQs

Undercounter Freezer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Go Assist repair my under-counter freezer?

    Yes, we can service your under-counter freezer. In addition to this, we service integrated, freestanding and fridge freezers. So, no matter what freezer you have we are here to help. Get your appliance repaired with us today.

  • Should there be room between an under-counter freezer and the space it is slotting into?

    There should be at least an inch of space between the freezer sides and the walls to allow for adequate ventilation.

  • Why has my under-counter freezer stopped working?

    This could be due to several factors including a faulty thermostat, timers and fans. Our experts have seen it all, so no matter the issue our experts are on hand to service your every need.

  • My under-counter freezer is leaking?

    This could be due to a clogged water supply or even a clogged defrost drain. Our experts are on hand to fix your leaking under-counter freezer today. 

  • The thermostat in my under-counter freezer has stopped working?

    Your thermostat may need to be reset. To do this disconnect your power chord from the wall. Leave your freezer off for 24hours and then plug your refrigerator back in. This will hopefully reset your thermostat, however, if it does not call Go Assist to have your freezer running like new in no time.

  • What temperature should my under-counter fridge be?

    Your fridge should be around -18 degrees.

  • Why is my freezer making a clicking sound?

    This may be due to the start relay not working or the freezer not moving coolant through the condenser and the coil. To avoid any further damage, we recommend that you get an expert to fix your freezer.

  • Can I call to book my repair?

    Yes, of course! Call our free number (800) 509-5917 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

  • How long will it take for my undercounter refrigerator to be repaired?

    Wherever possible we aim to send the technicians with the parts in their vehicle based on the information you give us when booking the repair within 48 hours.

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