Washer Repair Fort Worth Texas

Quick & Affordable Appliance Repairs

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Broken washer? Is your washer not draining, making odd noises or not switching on? Our washing machine technicians are here to fix those issues for you. Servicing areas across Texas, including Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Washer breakdowns are an inconvenience and we are here to make your repair as efficient and as easy for you as possible. We are proud to offer our customers low prices as well as manufacturer-approved replacement parts, and of course, service with a smile!

Same day or next day repairs available! Get your FREE quote online and call (800) 509-5917 or book online now!

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Common washing machine faults

There are a number of faults that can happen when it comes to your washer - our skilled technicians have encountered them all! A few common faults that we see include:

  • Clothes smelling bad after being washed
  • Water not fully draining from the washer
  • Water leaking from the washing machine
  • Dials or buttons not working correctly or at all
  • Clothes dripping with water even after being on a spin cycle
  • Washing machine not running, or stopping mid-cycle
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Due to years of knowledge in appliance repairs, our technicians know a few things about washers and are here to help explain just what all those symbols mean! Check out our simple laundry guide or give us a call on (800) 509-5917.

Why Choose Go Assist for Washer Repairs?

We're your local appliance repair experts and, as well as offering the best possible prices and service with a smile, we're also manufacturer approved - so you can be sure that your branded washer is in reliable hands! These are a few of the many reasons why customers come to us for all their appliance repairs...

  • Same & Next Day Service
    When booking in your washer repairs, we don't make you hang around! Wherever possible, customers will be offered same-day or next-day repairs so that all issues with your washers can be fixed as soon as possible. 
  • Experienced Repair Technicians
    We carefully select only the best repair technicians, as we understand that the technicians we employ directly reflect Go Assist as a whole. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced to offer washer repairs of the best quality. Whatever the repair, we can get your appliance working smoothly again, while answering your questions along the way.

  • Low Price Repairs
    On a number of popular brands, we're happy to be able to offer our customers upfront honest pricing. We can also offer fixed price repairs on a number of selected brands, so you can be guaranteed to receive the best possible prices. Ready to get your quote? Give us a call!

We're here to repair your appliances and get your household running smoothly again. For low prices, quality service and friendly washing machine technicians call Go Assist today. Book Now.

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