Best Neighborhoods in Cincinnati - Ranked and Explained

Whether you’re thinking of making the move to Ohio or switching neighborhoods within the city, our guide to the best neighborhoods in Cincinnati will help. We have used the latest data to reveal four neighborhoods that meet the criteria of a wide range of homebuyers. 

1. Hyde Park 

The neighborhood of Hyde Park, a suburb to the east of the city, has an interesting history. It was established by a group of prominent Cincinnati businessmen who wanted to create a community for the city’s wealthy. They monitored prospective residents closely before they were deemed suitable to move to the area. These days, you won’t be spied on if you want to move to the area, but with median house prices of $307,000, you will need to have fairly deep pockets.

As well as having plenty of restaurants, bars and shops in the near vicinity, Hyde Park is also one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the city. It’s also located just a short distance from some of the city’s best parks, including Alms Park and Ault Park. This, along with its low crime rate and excellent housing, makes it one of the best neighborhoods in Cincinnati for families.   

2. East Walnut Hills


If you’re looking for the amenities of Downtown but with more affordable rental and buying prices, then East Walnut Hills is a great pick. Extremely popular among young professionals, East Walnut Hills is just ten minutes from Downtown, giving residents easy access to the city’s restaurants, the stadiums and ballparks of Cincinnati’s sports teams, and the Ohio River. 

The neighborhood also has its own small but upscale downtown area with an excellent choice of bars and restaurants on your doorstep. As well as first-class amenities, the neighborhood has a laid back, relaxed vibe and is within walking distance of many of the city’s coolest spots. 

3. Columbia Tuluscum

If you prefer to live in a smaller Cincinnati neighborhood, then Columbia Tuluscum is difficult to beat. It only has 1,700 residents, yet despite its small size, it still manages to tick a lot of boxes. Nearly 60% of residents own their homes, which have an average value of $236,700, making them affordable for families and young professionals alike. The area also has a very reasonable median monthly rent of $780. Throw access to good public city schools and nearby pubs and restaurants into the mix and you have the makings of a thriving little community. 

4. Oakley

With a population of just over 11,000, Oakley is what those in real estate like to call a big-little town. It borders the desirable neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Pleasant Ridge and Madisonville and is a major crosstown artery in Cincinnati. 

Despite being an established suburban neighborhood, properties in Oakley are very affordable, with a median home value of $215,000 and monthly rent of $860. That makes it attractive to millennials and young couples. It also has two shopping centers, its own business area, and several up-and-coming pubs that make this neighborhood a tempting all-rounder.  

Moving to or within Cincinnati?

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