Why Won't My Washer Door Open?

Is your washer door jammed? Our appliance repair experts are here to answer your questions about washing machine breakdowns, including reasons the door might not being opening.

My Washer Door Won't Open

We understand how much of a hassle a broken-down washer can cause, and a machine load of laundry being stuck in your machine is a real inconvenience. Luckily, washing machines are usually kitted out with a manual lock release system, however, when our trusty washer door does get jammed, what should you do?

What can you do if your washing machine doesn’t open?

In the event of a jammed washer door, there are a few preliminary checks you can make, including:

1. Is there any water in the drum?

Some washing machines lock when there is water in the drum. So, try running a spin or drain cycle to get rid of the water. When all the water from the drum has drained the door should open.

2. Faulty pressure switch

If there is no water in the drum itself then your issue could be a faulty pressure switch that is not allowing the cycle to reset to empty. Therefore, the machine still believes it's full and does not release the locking mechanism. We suggest turning off the mains and leaving the washer for 10/15 minutes. Finally, turn on the washer again to see if the pressure switch resets and the machine unlocks.

3. Check door handle for any damage.

4. If none of the methods above work book online now to get one of our expert technicians to fix your washer for you as soon as possible!

What causes washer doors to stay locked shut?

Our expert washer repair specialists usually find that the jams are caused by:

1. Drainage Problems

To avoid regular washer breakdowns make sure to keep your washer clean! It helps to regularly run your washer on a hot cycle. Keeping your washer clean will help avoid blockages to the drain filters and ensure drainage runs smoothly and your washing machine door opens as it should.

2. Faulty Pressure Switch

The pressure switch identifies water levels inside the drum and controls the filling and the draining of your washer. If the pressure switch is faulty the door lock may not release.

3. Faulty interlock circuits

Interlock circuits can become faulty for a few reasons such as:

• Burnt terminals – a sign of burnt wires could be discoloration. If the wires are burnt they may need to be stripped back for new connectors to be fitted

• Overheated wiring

• Loose wiring

4. Broken door lock mechanism

Your washer door lock could have simply stopped working and therefore will just need to be replaced. Don’t force open a jammed washer, instead book your washer repair with us today!

For quick and easy washer repairs contact Go Assist today

If you are facing any of these issues our experienced technicians are well equipped to help sort them for you! Wherever possible we aim to get our engineers to you either the same day or the next day to fix your washers. Book online today to get your washer running like new in no time!

If you have any other washer queries visit our FAQs page for further help from our experts.


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