Why Is My Stove Not Igniting?

What is wrong with my stove igniter?

A gas stove has many benefits, one being that it allows you to control instant heat changes while cooking due to the flame not needing any time to heat up.  However, when the stove igniter doesn’t produce a spark, the burner will not ignite, and you’ll be left with uncooked food. But don’t worry, our appliance repair technicians have a few solutions that will help to get your gas stove working like new in no time.

There are a few reasons why your stove igniter may not be igniting. Including the igniter being clogged with debris, a loose connection or even a faulty igniter. We are here with a few simple fixes on how to resolve those issues.

Is your igniter clogged with food?

Your stove igniter may need to be cleaned - this may seem like a scary task when dealing with gas however, we have a step-by-step guide on how to do this safely and effectively.

  1. Turn the gas off

The first thing you’ll need to do is turn off the gas. Most gas valves are located behind your stove, and you may need to move your stove to begin. If you cannot locate your gas valve, the exact location will be displayed in the user manual that came with the appliance. While you can turn off the gas using the knobs on your stove there is still the risk of leaning on the knobs while cleaning and turning on the gas as you clean.

  1. Locate the igniter

The next step is to find the igniter - it is a small nozzle, usually located on top of the stove.

  1. Clean the igniter

Now for the cleaning process, we recommend that you use a toothbrush with soft bristles. You will need to brush the igniter to clean it, you can use a little water to brush any stubborn debris away. Usually, igniter issues will result from grease build-ups from splashing grease or even something boiling over. Running the brush along the igniter will remove the debris and may ultimately allow the gas to be released to light your burner.

  1. Clean pilot hole

The igniter will release gas from the pilot hole, this is the small hole located at the top of the igniter and could get clogged up by grease or other debris. To clean the pilot hole, you can simply use a needle to unpick any caught debris.

  1. Final clean

At this point give the igniter one last clean, check that the igniter is free of food residue and that there is no remaining debris. Now place everything back to its original position and make sure it is secure.

  1. Attempt to light your stove

Finally, turn back on the gas valve and push the stove back against the wall. Now test the igniter to see if it sparks up again. Hopefully, this clean will allow your igniter to return to its normal functionality.

Did this first check not start your stove igniting again? Don’t worry there may be another solution...

Loose Connection

Your stove igniter may not be working due to a loose wire connection, and while there aren’t many moving parts on top of the stove, wires still can come loose during cleaning or even when installing the stove. If the wires that connect the igniter to the control module aren’t connected properly you will not receive the spark required to ignite it.

To fix this the power will need to be switched off from the wall. The grate and burner will need to be removed as well as the sealed burner - this will reveal any loose wires. These wires will need to be reconnected and then all parts can be put back together and hopefully, this will result in the stove igniter working again like new.

This can be tricky, and we do advise that you get an expert to come and fix your stove to prevent any damage to yourself or the stove. Book your repair with us today and get your stove working like new in no time at all.

Faulty Igniter

Have you given your igniter a thorough clean and checked for any loose connections to find that your stove is still not igniting? We have a test to check whether your igniter just needs to be replaced.

Switch off the lights in your kitchen and proceed to turn the knob to ignite the hob. If the spark gives off a yellow tint instead of a bright white tint, then most likely that the igniter will need to be replaced.

Go Assist is here to help you out wherever possible, we will aim to get an expert to you the very same day or next day so you can relax knowing that your stove will be back working smoothly again soon.

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If you are facing any issues with your stove not igniting our expert technicians are well equipped to fix this for you. Whenever we can we aim to get our experts to you either the same or the next day. Book your repair today and get your appliance running like new as soon as possible.


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