How to Diagnose a Broken Washer

Advice from our washing machine repair technicians

Issues with your washing machine can occur at any time, and our appliance repair experts are on hand to help you diagnose some of the most common faults we come across.

Common washer issues

Clothes smell bad after washing

If you’ve noticed that your laundry smells less than fresh after being washed, it’s likely that your detergent tray is blocked or that a filter is clogged up.

Clothes dripping with water after a spin cycle

There are a number of things that can cause your washing machine’s spin cycle to malfunction, starting with something as simple as overfilling the drum with too much laundry. However, if you’re only loading a manageable amount and your clothes still aren’t being spun properly, it could be that your washer has a faulty drive belt or a drain blockage.

Washer not running, or stopping mid-cycle

If your washing machine won’t run a full cycle, it is likely that there is an issue with the heating elements or even a faulty connection.

Water leaking from the washing machine

Faulty water hoses are a large cause of leaks, along with using too much detergent and even a build-up of debris in the machine.

Washer door won’t lock or unlock

If you’re finding that your washing machine door lock isn’t working, or worse still, is stuck altogether it is likely that your door’s mechanism is faulty, or perhaps there is a drainage issue causing your machine to stay locked even after the cycle has ended.

Getting your washing machine fixed

Now that you’ve diagnosed some of the potential reasons your washing machine may not be working correctly, your next step is to call our experienced repair technicians to get those problems resolved and get your washer back up and running.

We’re proud to offer an expert appliance repair service across the USA, including Texas, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania. As experienced technicians, we have an outstanding first-time fix rate, offering our customers a reliable and efficient service at a great price.

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