Why Is My Dishwasher Making Noise?

Odd dishwasher noises explained...

While doing your daily dishwasher cycle have you noticed some odd noises? Usually, a noisy dishwasher is nothing to worry about and can be fixed with a few simple changes. If these tricks do not work our local appliance repair experts are readily waiting to fix your dishwasher so that it is back running like new as quickly as possible.

Some common noises that dishwashers make and how to stop them:


Dishwashers usually beep when the cycle has finished. If your dishwasher door isn’t completely closed the dishwasher may continue to beep throughout the cycle, simply close the dishwasher door correctly to stop the beeping.


When your dishwasher forces water down the drain it will let out a buzzing noise. However, if the buzzing noise is louder than normal it could be due to a fault with the pump impeller. If this is the case our expert technicians are on hand to fix your pump impeller, book your repair with us today.


Griding noises from your dishwasher are usually due to objects getting lodged in the pump. Food or even broken items from the dishwasher can get lodged within the pump. To fix this you will need to remove and clean the filter. Your filter will be located at the base of the dishwasher and can be easily accessed by removing the bottom rack. Rotate the filter clockwise, lift the filter, wash your filter under some water to get rid of the debris and finally replace the filter. Usually, this will stop your dishwasher from making grinding noises.


Several factors could be causing your dishwasher to make knocking or rattling noises.

    1. Within your dishwasher, there is a component called the spray arm. The spray arm is usually located in the lower part of the dishwasher and will rotate to spray water over the dishes. If the dishwasher has been loaded incorrectly the spray arm may not be able to rotate efficiently and objects within the dishwasher will knock or rattle against the spray arm.
    2. When the dishwasher isn’t fully filled the water jets from the spray arm can spray water straight against the tank. This can sometimes sound like knocking or rattling. To prevent this from happening wait until you are able to fill up your dishwasher a little more so that the water jets are not directly hitting the washing tank.
    3. If there are lighter objects in your dishwasher such as pet bowls, they may move about in the dishwasher. Rattling and knocking against other objects. To prevent this from happening make sure that your lighter objects are lodged in securely.

Did the solutions above not stop the sound?

Our expert technicians have listed a few common reasons why your dishwasher may be making a noise

Circulation pump and motor assembly

Over time the motor bearings within the circulation pump will wear down and will give off a continuous sound. This will mean that your circulation pump will need to be replaced.

Drain pump replacement 

During the drain cycle, the drain pump pushes water into the drain hose. If the drain pump is damaged it will not pump water out before it is replaced. Usually, this is due to a blocked hose, however, if the drain pump continues to give off a noise when it has been cleared of all debris your drain pump may need replacing.

Dishwasher chopper blade

The chopper blade dices all the debris from your dishes into small particles to prevent the drains from getting clogged. If a small object gets lodged in the chopper blade of the dishwasher it may give off a grinding noise when the pump is running. We recommend calling one of our Go Assist repair experts to clean/replace your chopper blade to prevent any further damage.

Dishwasher wash pump motor

The wash pump motor spins the wash pump impeller. which pumps water through the dishwasher. The wash pump will give off a loud noise when it is defective if this is the case the wash pump motor will need to be replaced.

For fast, reliable and affordable repairs call GoAssist

If you are facing any of the issues above our expert technicians are here to help. Book your repair today to stop your dishwashers from making noise.  Get your dishwasher running like new in no time. 


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