Fixing Common Microwave Malfunctions

Granted, your primary kitchen cooking appliances are probably your oven and stove. But without a microwave, no home today is complete. By saving you time when you need it most and allowing you to quickly warm precooked/leftover meals, it adds convenience to your kitchen. Like many kitchen appliances, though the microwave may seem like a simple machine, it can require difficult repairs and maintenance.

Here, we are going to look at a handful of common microwave malfunctions that may arise with your microwave and how best to approach them.

Excess Noise Coming From Your Microwave

While running, some noise from your microwave is natural. But bigger problems can be evidenced by excessive noise. There can be a number of reasons why your microwave is noisier than usual including issues with the following:

  • High voltage diode
  • Cooling fan
  • Magnetron
  • Roller guide
  • Drive motor

Internal components would need to be examined after disassembling your microwave to diagnose this problem.

Nonworking Exhaust Fan

In some cases, the features of a range hood and microwave are combined with a bottom-located exhaust fan for the microwave. A unique set of problems is offered by this otherwise convenient design. The grease filter or charcoal filter could be a problem if the exhaust fan doesn't work. Replacing or cleaning the filter may solve the problem. Otherwise, the fan motor itself may need repair or replacement.

Refuses To Turn

Some, but not all microwaves have a tray that turns. The drive motor or coupler may need replacement if the tray isn't turning. Also check for a broken roller guide if tray movement is being interfered with. (Roller guides are what the tray sits on as it rotates.)

No Response From the Touchpad

The programming of your microwave is done via the front touchpad. A faulty control board or membrane might be the cause of a nonworking touchpad. This is not an easy fix and is best repaired by a technician.

Microwave Seems To Run But Will Not Heat

A running microwave does not necessarily equate to a heating microwave. The problem here could be with the microwave’s magnetron or the high-voltage diode. Even though your microwave is receiving power and sounds like it's working, if those parts are faulty, no heated food will emerge from your appliance. These parts are hard to access but can be replaced. Again, a technician is your best bet.

Microwave Simply Will Not Run At All

A microwave that runs but doesn't heat is one thing. But a microwave that doesn't work at all can be caused by either complex or simple problems. It all depends. Naturally, you'll check to make sure the unit has a power source if it's a countertop model (plugged in). Additionally, make sure that the outlet itself is receiving power. This is harder to do if the unit is mounted under a range hood – but not impossible.

The problem could lie with a door switch that is malfunctioning, either way. Also, a broken ceramic fuse or thermal fuse can be the issue. To diagnose something like this (if the unit has power), you will likely go with a repair service.

For Microwave Repairs – Turn to Go Assist

If you have a problem with your microwave and either can't or don't want to tackle diagnostics and repairs, the easiest way for you to solve the problem is by contacting the professionals at Go Assist. Our on-call support team offers reliable repairs in a timely manner. Check out our home warranty so that you're prepared for the next appliance breakdown.


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