Why Isn't My Oven Heating?

Oven not heating? Let our oven repair technicians help...

Is your oven not heating up or simply not getting to the temperature that you need it to? Our oven repair team is here to give you a few simple solutions on how to fix your oven.

Some simple oven checks:

  • Do you have a gas oven? If you have a gas oven the first check you can do it to make sure that the oven is receiving a sufficient gas supply. Check that the main gas valve is open and that there are no kinks in the hose supplying the gas to the oven.
  • Is your oven's temperature set to the correct setting? Make sure that your ovens control knobs are set to the correct temperature.
  • If you have an electric oven look at your fuse box to check if there is a tripped or a blown fuse, if there is then simply reset the fuse. If this doesn’t work check to see if the other electric appliances in your house are working as it could be a fault with all electrics.

Have those preliminary checks not done the trick? Don’t worry we have a few alternative reasons why your oven may not be heating up.

Some common reasons your oven may not be heating include:

1. Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is usually located at the back of your oven; however, your user manual will show you the exact location of your model’s temperature sensor. The temperature sensor should not be touching the oven walls, if the sensor is touching the wall, then it will interfere with the ability to measure the internal temperature of the oven effectively.

2. Bake and Broil elements

The bake and broil elements of your oven are another reason why your oven may not be working. If the bake and broil element stops working the electrical circuit will usually open and therefore the oven will no longer heat. Usually, this means that the bake and broil elements will have to be replaced. Our experienced technicians are here to replace your elements for you book online today to get your bake and broil elements fixed in no time.

3. Igniters

Usually when your oven is turned on the igniter will switch on and will start to glow orange. The igniter will get hot, and the gas valve will open to send gas down to the burner and the oven will heat up. However, if the ovens igniter does not work then the oven will not light and won't heat up leaving you with uncooked food.

4. Wiring

Sometimes the bake and broil power wires burn out, the wiring may just need to be replaced. Similarly, to igniters as soon as a small part of the wire is damaged it can cause the oven to not heat up.

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If you are facing any of the issues above our expert technicians are here to fix all of them for you. Book your repair today and get your oven running like new in no time at all. In the meantime, check out our oven repair FAQs.



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