What are the Most Affluent Areas in Denver?

What are the Most Affluent Areas in Denver?

Ever wondered where the other half lives? Well, the results are in and now we know. In our guide to the most affluent areas in Denver, we take a look at median income statistics and average house prices to see where the doctors, lawyers, and business executives of Denver like to call home.

 affluent areas in denver colorado skyline with buildings and houses and greenery

1. Cherry Creek

With a median income of $124,277, it’s hardly surprising that Cherry Creek is officially the most affluent area in Denver and the fourth-richest in the entire US according to Bloomberg. This exclusive neighborhood is home to just shy of 8,000 people and has a median home value of $663,500. Perhaps not surprisingly, Cherry Creek has a vibrant shopping scene, with high-end shops, fancy bars, and fashionable restaurants lining the pristine streets. The 42-mile long paved walkway is a haven for cyclists, runners, and walkers and the immediate area boasts more than 15 galleries selling everything from fine art to handmade furniture. 

2. Stapleton

Following closely on the heels of Cherry Creek is the equally well-heeled area of Stapleton, which has a median household income of $120,028 and a median home value of £469,300. Just over 19,000 people call the neighborhood, which stretches across the vast area of Denver’s old airport, home. They live in a vibrant mix of new homes that are surrounded by shared green space. In fact, Stapleton is one of the country’s largest new urban developments that’s designed to encourage residents to share common spaces. It is also very accessible, with parks and shopping malls that can be easily reached by bike or on foot. 

affluent areas in denver row of houses in stapleton colorado

3. Washington Park

The final place on the podium for the most affluent areas in Denver goes to the leafy Washington Park. Admittedly, with a median income of $104,384 and a median home value of $537,873, Washington Park is quite a way short of Cherry Creek in the affluence stakes, but it more than makes up for it with shopping and dining that can rival anywhere in Denver. South Pearl Street and Old South Gaylord are home to galleries, wine and cocktail bars, independent boutiques, high-end clothing stores, and everything wealthy Denverites could ever need to have a good time. 

4. Auraria

With a median income of $85,521 and a median home value of $450,000, the area of Auraria is certainly no slouch in the affluence stakes. The compact neighborhood is home to three universities and colleges, but it’s more than just a university town. It is one of the best places to live in Colorado and is home to many young professionals, who flock to the area for its bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks and, liberal outlook. The Pepsi Center, home to Denver’s many sports teams, including the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets, is also in the area, making it a real favorite for sports fans.  

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